We’re back! and excited for the new season!

This site provides a forum for fantasy premier league match predictions, predicted goal scorers, and full player EPL estimates for each upcoming game-week. Bespoke metrics for player form and team form have been constructed, amongst other key attributes, alongside taking statistics for goals, assists, clean-sheets, fouls, minutes-played, shots-saved (goalies) and others!

This modelling exercise doesn’t pretend to have access to all of the metrics that might account for player/team performance (i.e. attributes such as weather, time since a player’s last game, performance in other leagues, manager influence etc.), as there are many and some will have a better effect than others.

That said, the match result outcomes are pretty consistent with the model results, and almost always fall well within the expected result envelopes. Have fun looking through these – or download the full probabilities for each score outcome in each upcoming game.